[Howto] update the firmware of HP Enterprise SAS Expander (468406-B21)

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Disclaimer: All liability is excluded. Be careful, you can brick your card.


prerequisites: an Host-Bus-Adapter (e.g. LSI 9210-8i)

#install the HBA and the SAS-Expander into your PC and connect both with an SFF8087-cable

#download the needed tools (e.g. Debian 9)
apt-get install lsscsi
apt-get install sg3-utils

#search for the device-file from the HP SAS-Expander-Card (e.g. /dev/sg0)
lsscsi -g | grep HP

#download the actual firmware from HP-Website (v2.10 = CP019687.scexe)
wget http://downloads.hpe.com/pub/softlib2/software1/sc-linux-fw-array/p6670438/v85264/CP019687.scexe

#unpack the firmware-file
./CP019687.scexe --unpack=./unpacked

#download the microcode-firmware to the SAS-Expander
sg_write_buffer --mode=dmc_offs_defer --bpw=4096 --in=./unpacked/PUF21000.bin /dev/sg0

#activate the downloaded microcode-firmware on the SAS-Expander
sg_write_buffer --mode=active_mc /dev/sg0

#reboot or remove/load the kernel modules for the controller to refresh the system (e.g. Debian 9)
rmmod ses mpt3sas
modprobe ses mpt3sas

#verify, if the firmware version is updated (the new version must be listed)
lsscsi -g | grep HP