[Facts] introduction for maxim integrated DS2482-800 chip (i2c to 1-wire interface)

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short facts:

  • supported i2c-speeds: Standard-Mode (100 kHz) and Fast-Mode (400 kHz)
  • supported 1wire-speeds: Standard-Mode and Overdrive-Mode
  • 8 independent 1-wire channels (1 active channel per-time, default-channel = 00)
  • 8 possible i2c-adresses (selectable via 3 pins)
  • supports 1-wire signal-optimization (3 possiblities: normal-resistor, active-pullup, strong-pullup)


  • tip 1: only use normal-resistor if you have only one 1wire-slave connected
  • tip 2: use in all other cases the active-pullup mode (recommendation, because it accerelates the signal-risetime from low-to-high)
  • tip 3: only use strong-pullup if you have connected one of the following 1-wire slaves: EEPROM, SHA1-computation, A/D-converter, parasitic temperature-sensors (strong-pullup-mode extends the pullup-time after the last received bit)