[Backup] Firefox / Iceweasel 38.2.0

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~/.mozilla/firefox/ main folder, where all profile-files are stored (note: all included files must be writable)


User preferences:

prefs.js customized user preference settings



places.sqlite bookmarks, downloaded files, visited websites
/bookmarkbackups/… daily-rotating and compressed backup-files of places.sqlite (restoreable via bookmark-manager)


Passwords: (Note: both files are only useful together!)

logins.json encrypted passwords
key3.db key to decrypt/encrypt the passwords



/extensions/… downloaded extensions (every extension has its own xpi-file)



search.json search-engine data
/searchplugins/… user-installed search-plugins (every plugin has its own xml-file)


Page-specific permissions:

permissions.sqlite userdefined page-specific permissions (blocking cookies, showing pictures, install extensions etc.)